AddOn 1 Channel C-Band LC/UPC Optical Circulator 19in Rack Mount Module

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This is a 1 Channel C-Band LC/UPC Optical Circulator, all within a single 1U 19in rack mount package. It is a 3-port nonreciprocal passive component that transmits light in only one direction. This WDM CIRCULATOR supports wavelengths between 1520nm to 1620nm, and can be configured among a selection of 38 channels. Circulators are used to increase transmission capacity of existing networks by converting bi-directional signals through a single fiber. This allows the transmission capacity of the network to be doubled without the need for deploying additional fibers, which has become increasingly expensive. They exhibit high isolation and low insertion loss. Circulators can be used alongside MUX/DEMUX devices, optical Add/Drop, and other applications. AddOns MUX/DEMUX products are 100% RoHS compliant. Now you have a cost effective solution for all your network upgrade needs. With our Certification Test Program, we can guarantee your product will work right the first time. 1 DWDM channel mux/demux to assist in bundling of fiber optics channels. 1U 19inch in size to fit the needs of your application. Application and environment tested and guaranteed to work.

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