Allsop 29253 Redmond DVD Album for 40 Discs

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It used to be that the only disc collection you had was music. The next collection you started was of DVD movies. From Star Wars to the Indiana Jones Trilogy, its not too hard to build a collection of a few dozen DVDs. The only problem with these DVDs is that the cases take up so much space. And its no longer that impressive to display your movie collection. The Redmond DVD Album lets you get rid of those bulky DVD cases. Keep 40 DVDs in less than 3 inches of shelf space. The dark santoprene-like coated shell has a little grip, so it kind of feels like grabbing one of those OXO kitchen tools. It is easy to hold onto, and easy to look at. You might even want to leave it out next to your TV or up on a shelf.

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