Trip Lite B203-104 High Speed USB 2.0 over Cat5 Extender Kit

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Tripp Lites B203-104 USB 2. 0 over Cat5/Cat6 Extender Hub Kit transmits data from your Windows PC to as many as four USB 2. 0 peripherals up to 100 m (328-ft. ) away. Use the included 0. 31 m (1-ft. ) USB cable to connect your PC to the transmitter. The USB signals travel between the transmitter and 4-port receiver hub over user-supplied Cat5/Cat6 cable. Its a simple, cost-effective solution for connecting your Windows PC to printers and other USB peripherals that lack network connectivity and are farther than 16 feet away from your computer, which is the distance limitation for USB cables. For example, you can use the B203-104 to connect impact printers to a server in another room. This extender kit is also convenient for making connections in areas without network availability. By using Cat5/Cat6 cable to carry signals, the B203-104 extends your installation farther than is possible with standard USB cables. Plus, Cat5/Cat6 cabling is readily available at low cost. For maximum signal integrity, use solid-conductor Cat5/Cat6 UTP cabling, such as Tripp Lites N202-series. The B203-104 extender kit can achieve data transfer rates up to 480 Mbps. Its backward compatible with USB 1. 1 peripherals, but at USB 1. 1 speeds. The B203-104 works with Windows through 10 operating systems (not Mac compatible; for a Mac-compatible solution, choose Tripp Lites B203-104-PNP extender kit). Mount the receiver hub to a wall, pole or rack with the included mounting hardware. For international use, the B110-INT power supply can be purchased separately; it features plugs for the UK, Europe, and Australia.

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